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Video Skills Drills Plays

There is no better way to visualise a skill and accelerate learning than seeing it performed with a high level of skill and execution.

Join Wayne Pearce, Daniel Mortimer, Mitchell Pearce and Mick Aldous via instructional streaming video to develop new skills and sharpen the basics.

The whole range of basic to advanced skills are covered including: Speed and Evasion; Tackling, Ball Carry, Passing, Kicking, Attack Skills, Ground Skills, Defence skills, Ruck Plays, Drop Skills and more.

3 Way Rating and Feedback

The Skills Drills Plays feature includes a 3 way rating system for each skill so the Player, Parent and Coach can focus on the coaching points as explained by Wayne Pearce and Mick Aldous and rate the player's technique on those points.

This is a fool proof way to identify and improve technique and skill with the ratings Scorecard providing an overview of the player’s skills progress.

Agility Drills

Agility drills are a key element of playing rugby league. They help you to:

  • Develop coordination, timing and balance
  • Improve quickness, foot speed and upper body control
  • Improve acceleration, changes in speed, lateral speed
  • Improve reaction times and the ability to stop, start and change direction

Agility training improves efficiency in movement and overall body control which aids in the prevention of injury.


Watch and listen to the breakdown of skills technique
Perfect practice helps make perfect
Information about the tactics behind the plays
Develop your skills to be a complete league player